How can I make 2 dimensions appear to be 3?


Project Overview

Year 10 students spent the first half-term of 2016 understanding how to apply their knowledge of geometry to one specific question.

How to create a piece of pavement art that, from one direction, appears to “pop up” and form a three-dimensional image?

We spent an entire cold February day working with excellent grit outside the Stratford Library creating our final product, having critiqued our work to professional mathematicians, discussed the purpose to Mathematics, and learnt the necessary skills to understand the perspective.

What the student says

“I enjoyed how we had to use different mathematical theories that we created to make a beautiful end product. At first it was challenging, but once we found the formulae then everything fit into place and we got into the flow. I think that we learnt what we had to for the curriculum, as well as enjoying ourselves and making something out of it.”

What we learnt about

  • Similar triangles

  • Trigonometry

  • Straight-line graphs

  • Pythagoras’ equation

  • Is maths beautiful?

What the teacher says

“This project shows that it is possible to combine a fast-paced GCSE curriculum with project-based learning.

I thoroughly enjoyed the process, especially watching as students got completely hooked on creating a beautiful final product.”