All-Through School


Education with no gaps between Primary, Secondary and Sixth Form.

We believe there are many benefits to all-through schooling and we are big advocates of more all-through schools being developed in the country.


These benefits include:

  • primary and secondary staff learning from each other and collaborating on teaching and learning 

  • a curriculum that develops knowledge and skills seamlessly from 4 to 18

  • the removal of the upheaval at age 11 and the too often wasted years in Year 6, 7 and 8


The design of our all-through school is constantly evolving so that we get the best out of staff and pupil expertise.


  • strategic decisions brought together in one key meeting

  • A growing number of staff working throughout the school – from senior leaders (e.g. the inclusion leader) to pupil achievement coaches, to specialist teachers 

  • specialist teachers from secondary being timetabled to teach in primary including Spanish, Computing, PE, Music, drama. 

  • much training done together between primary and secondary