How can we curate a virtual escape?

In this project, small groups of Year 8 students worked collaboratively to design original virtual escape room experiences. With the onset of Covid-19, the entertainment industry has had to be creative with how to keep businesses going, but also adhere to safety restrictions. From this came the rise of virtual escape rooms. Over the project, the students played a number of rooms and reviewed and reflected on how these were structured. The groups researched different codes and ciphers, wrote their own storylines, then created their clues and pulled together the multi-media driven project into the final experiences. We hope you enjoy playing these and look forward to your feedback!

Haunted Mansion

There has been a terrible murder in the old mansion! A body has been found in the basement.


There are several suspects still hiding in the mansion but we have no leads. You will need to go from room to room and look for clues.


IN EACH ROOM there will be a letter which you need to remember to help you solve the mystery! GOOD LUCK!

Click the image to play!

CSI: Funfair

Bring your detective skills to this experience as you visit a funfair after a tragic mystery happened on a school trip.


A student lies in hospital, fighting for their life after experiencing a severe allergic reaction from eating an ice cream laced with peanuts!


All signs point to this not being an accident... investigate the fair grounds, solve clues and work out the culprit and their motive.  

Click the image to play!

CSI Funfair Title.png
Screen escape.png
Screen Escape

In this virtual escape room experience you are trapped inside a television!

The only way to escape is to solve clues with themes from many different popular shows.

Can you crack the codes in each programme and find your way to freedom?

Or will you be trapped behind the screen forever?

Set the Scene

While you're taking on a virtual escape, why not add some atmospheric music to your experience? 

The Music Scholarship group have explored PUSH devices & other industry standard software, learnt to create and manipulate samples, and have access to industry professionals to compose original digital music to offer the atmosphere music selection below:

Behind the Scenes

Each of our escape rooms represents weeks of crafting our clues, developing our story lines and experimenting with the Google Forms and Wiz webiste building platforms. Take a peek at our planning documents to see some of the collaborative process behind developing these final products. 

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MK Crew
SS Crew
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DT Crew