How did the Beatles influence modern music?


Project Overview

Students were immersed in the context surrounding The Beatles and their movement, including the emergence of Beatlemania. They learnt and studied a number of Beatles songs, exploring the musical and stylistic links with the music of their contemporaries.

How was it assessed?

Students received weekly/bi-weekly teacher feedback through the critique of video performance footage collated and shared via google classroom. A number of student critique stages were also introduced to inform progress for both the artistic and musical outcomes.

What skills were developed?

Students crafted Beatles covers in an authentic band set-up, learning to play instruments mastered by The Beatles, and develop styles of playing found in many Beatles songs. They learnt to read chord-symbols, and develop independent, well-directed ensembles. Skills in rehearsal technique as well as technical mastery were of equal focus. Students also developed artistically by re-imagining an original piece of Beatles merchandise in their own context. Students submitted four drafts before reaching their final product.