What is there beyond Earth?


Project Overview

In this project we have explored our solar system, the Milky Way. Our inspiration for this project came from The Great Glass Elevator, which follows Charlie Bucket’s and Willy Wonka’s adventures in space. Each class was split int 8 groups, one for each planet. Each group researched their planet, created a model of it, wrote a fact file and became tour guides in the School 21 Planetarium.

What the student says

“I really loved this project. I learnt so much about my planet and the solar system looked amazing. I didn’t want the project to end!"

Key knowledge

  • How day and night happens.

  • The phases of the moon.

  • The names of planets

  • The distances and relative sizes of the planets.

  • About our planet in detail.

  • How to be an effective tour guide.

  • How to be a scientist and conduct and experiment.

What the teacher says

"This project really captivated the children. They enjoyed becoming experts of the planets and with some oracy practice they were able to share this knowledge outstandingly with the guests at our exhibition."