To join School 21 is to join a community of pioneers – staff and pupils who want to do things differently. Here we think deeply about what we do, we strive to give pupils the most challenging and exciting curriculum possible and we treat each other with respect, kindness and support. 

Whatever your passion – it might be teaching and learning, subject expertise, project development, coaching and well–being or the English language – we are looking for skilled practitioners to bring fresh thinking to the rich mix of ideas at School 21. 

What we are looking for:





someone who generates ideas and rethinks how we do education 

someone who helps others grow and builds teams

someone who thinks deeply about how to improve their practice

someone true to their word and kind to others

Developing you and your practice


Line management



regular and specific feedback on your practice

your chance to shape the strategy of the school

regular guidance and development

personalised to your


Feedback culture

a place to share your insights and learning

What we do:

  • We provide extra ring-fenced time for tailored, sophisticated, collaborative professional development that gives you the chance to learn new skills and approaches and then embed them in your practice. 

  • We support you to collaborate between subjects, ages, and approaches 

  • We believe in teaching the whole child but we believe too in developing the full potential of all members of staff. 

  • We give you the chance to learn from leading practitioners. 

  • There are multiple routes for career progression. 

  • Our core values of integrity (being true to your word) and humanity (looking out for each other) guide everything that staff and students do. 

There are certain things we don't do:

  • We don’t micro manage you. 

  • We don't regiment you or the students. 

  • We don’t pigeon hole you and fail to see your potential. 

  • We don’t talk about Ofsted every five minutes. 



School 21 is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The application form of the successful candidate will be kept for the duration of employment. In case of resignation/retirement it will be kept for a further 7 years (legal obligation) and then securely destroyed. The successful application form and supporting forms (e.g. bank details etc) will be sent to the school's payroll provider Judicium for processing. 

The unsuccessful application forms are kept for 6 months and then they are securely destroyed.

School 21 is committed to safeguarding children, and expects all applicants to share that commitment.


All posts at School 21 are subject to a Disclosure and Barring check.

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