How can we tell the stories of our community heroes?


Project Overview

We have created a book of stories about our  local community heroes. The children first invented a story as  a whole class  and then spent several weeks innovating and redrafting their own stories.  Our immersive  classrooms showcased different community facilities (police station, fire station and hospital) which allowed for storytelling, role play and oracy opportunities. 


What the student says

"I am really proud to be a real author. I liked writing all the stories and being an illustrator too." 

What we learnt about

​We initially thought about the qualities needed to be a hero and  who we consider to be the heroes of our local community. We thought carefully about how different service personnel help to keep us safe and then used this  knowledge to invent our own stories about these amazing everyday heroes.  

What the teacher says

“This project has enabled the children to become confident writers and articulate storytellers. We have been very impressed with the the high quality stories which have created.”