Exhibitions of Beautiful Work

Exhibitions display the final outcomes of our students' project work: real products for real audiences.

Exhibitions of beautiful work are central to the culture of School 21. In the 21st century it is not enough to do little bits of work in an exercise book for your teacher. The purpose of school must be to create real products of genuine worth. Products that have a value beyond the classroom, products that have an authentic audience, products that have been crafted through multiple drafts until they are excellent.

Exhibitions at the end of each term enable students to talk about their work, explain their learning and talk about the challenges they have overcome. Sometimes the authentic audience is outside the school – exhibiting work on the Olympic site, providing tips to local residents on how they can sustain local habitats, performing a play to local primary schools.

The exhibitions at School 21 are exciting and moving experiences. Every year group present their work. The whole school is buzzing with activity. Parents, community partners, creative organisations, are there to see the craftsmanship of our students: an immersive candle lit play on the Second World War in the Sports Hall (a history and drama collaboration), a Great Fire of London street to walk down, live cooking demonstrations from a new cookbook (combining maths and literacy skills), a room filled with mathematical curiosities, an uplifting music/science production using circuits and water bottles. Just some of what you might see at a typical Exhibition evening.