Challenges of the Anthropocene

What are the challenges of the Anthropocene?

Project overview:

In this elective, students have been investigating the Anthropocene and various impacts associated with our current lifestyles. As researchers and investigators they have  be actively working towards the production of School21’s first environmental zine. This zine will be designed and produced by the students and distributed in School21 as well as being available for members of the public.

J Brokenbrow

What The Teachers say!

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This elective has been really student led with each contributing significant, personal and creative selections of work to produce an engaging zine.

Above and Beyond

The students have gone above and beyond across all aspects of this elective. The written tasks have produced insightful and eloquent answers which have been paired with creative inputs to build a zine that is both interesting to read and visually engaging.

What the students say: 

I have enjoyed being a part of the elective as it is an interesting topic and we get to learn new things every week. The homework tasks are also enjoyable as we get to watch different videos and answer questions. We also get to write essays and do creative work. -Rafid Y9

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