Fitness for elite performance

As a coach, how would you prepare your athlete to maximise performance outcomes through completion of  a 6 week training programme.

Project overview:

In this elective students designed a personal exercise programme that would improve them in their sport and maintain a high level of fitness during lockdown.


Students recorded their physical training each week and attended a mastery seminar once a week to learn in the following topics;

  • Diet and nutrition 

  • Energy systems (anaerobic v aerobic)

  • Sport and the mind (Sport Psychology)

    • Anxiety/arousal theories,  attribution theory (Weiner), motivational theories

Kyle Kid

What The Teachers say!

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“I was completely blown away when I watched the video logs that had been recorded by the students. It was just so incredible to see how hard they have worked and their complete commitment to the training plan”

Above and Beyond

The students shown excellent commitment with this elective. Despite  having limited resources with most students having to rely on items in the home as weights, the students have recorded and logged their training which they have completed with high levels of technique, intensity and effort. You can clearly see the physical change in the students as they are able to do more and more. Some students adapted their programme as lockdown measures were loosened allowing them to run outside and use outside spaces to train.

What the students say: 

I really enjoy training and this was an excellent motivator for me during lockdown. As a basketball player I need to keep myself in good shape so that I can run up and down the court. I found the anxiety lessons stood out to me as it taught me how to manage my nerves during a free throw. The lessons on nutrition also helped me to plan my diet before and after exercise so I can build muscle, burn fat and take in enough energy to fully recover after my training

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