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What effects are video games having on teenagers today?

Project overview:


In this elective students have been working as Gaming Journalists, thinking deeply about video games and the gaming industry. As a class we have been discussing games design and Games Studies principles. In groups, or as individuals, the students have been independently researching topics and writing articles for our very own games themed website, all based on the question 'What effects are video games having on teenagers today?'

Daniel Thompson

What The Teachers say!

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Rather than trying to persuade students not to play video games (particularly during lockdown): this elective has challenged students to think more deeply about games and the gaming industry. It has been such a joy to see students take a pastime they love and explore it through a critical lens - and genuinely enjoy that process. I hope that the students continue to question, and seek to impact, the pros and cons of the current gaming world.

Above and Beyond?

There has been a huge amount of high quality work within this elective. Students have been regularly contributing within class discussions and have developed independent research skills. When our guest, from Payload Studios, came in (virtually) to speak with the students she was blown away by the maturity and professionalism of these students; I was very proud to confirm that this is the standard I had come to expect from them.

Specific recognition deserves to be given to Rafid. Rafid has not only produced two  carefully researched and well-written articles, he also created the home page and template for the Games 21 website!

What the students say: 

“I really enjoyed this project and it was really packed with fun but learning at the same time. I really enjoyed working with others to make an article and this project helped me be a team learner and worker.”


“I've really enjoyed this project because I've been able to talk about the games I love and express my opinion on what I think, as well as this I've been able to hear what other people think about games and how they have affected them.”


“Around the end of our elective, we were visited by Payload Studios, the creators of TerraTech. They talked to us about the gaming industry and about the background of everyone in their own department. They also gave some professional feedback to our articles that made us improve our final drafts. I will really miss this elective.”

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