Science in the Media

How effective are the media in communicating science?

Project overview:


Students investigated the role of the media in communicating science: where it can go wrong, where the media can be a force for good and understanding the process of how scientific research is communicated via the media.

Sarah Cosgriff

What The Teachers say!

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It has been so great to see what the students think of how well they think the media communicates science. The answer is not as straightforward as  ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

Above and Beyond?

The students have completed the worksheets well and have written lovely articles. I would like to praise Angelina for their article.

The students were asked to write an article on how well the media communicates science. Angelina considered the different angles including the impact of political leaders and scientists like Andrew Wakefield.

What the students say: 

“One of the good things is that you get to learn more scientific things in a more comfortable format that we’re used to. We learn new things each lesson”

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