Computer Programming

How can I use Python to create a series of basic computer programs?

Project overview:

In this project students have learned how to program several programs in the programming language named Python.

Some of the programs include a simple calculator and a quiz.

Students have also completed an e-portfolio to present and evaluate  their programs each week.

Miss Patel

What The Teachers say!

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Students have really enjoyed creating a variety of programs over the weeks. They have also documented their programs in detail within their e-portfolios. Students have also enjoyed discussing what it is like to work in the world of Computer Science with a Q and A session hosted by Solutions Engineers’ at Salesforce. 

Above and Beyond?

Many students have created impressive pieces of work. ​In particular, students have created really detailed e-portfolios and a perfectly working program!

What the students say: 

“I thoroughly enjoyed this elective and I have learnt to work more independently throughout the course of this elective.I have enjoyed learning the basics of Python and learning some core functions which I believe will help me in the future.  I have really enjoyed the independence that I have had in this elective and I hope to to keep some of the knowledge I have gained for life.”


“I enjoyed this elective as I learnt the basics of coding, which will be really helpful for me as i'm doing computer science for my GCSE'S. This elective also inspired me to learn coding more so I can become a software engineer or a solution engineer etc.”

“This is a really great project as miss helps us all the time and make sure that all our work is done and helps as she replies to emails very fast. Also I had a lot of basic knowledge of computer science and now I think I am ready to do Computer Science in Yr 10.”

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