Music for Film and Video Games

What makes effective music for films and video games?

Project overview:


Through analysis and discussion, students learnt about a wide variety of musical techniques used in scoring films and video games. Students then put what they learnt into practice, and created their own pieces of suitable music to a brief, redrafting their work and responding to gallery critique.

Ediz Suleyman

What The Teachers say!


I have loved teaching this group. Discussing films and video games, and the music that makes them effective, has been very fruitful, and it’s been wonderful to see their creativity.

Above and Beyond?

Oliwia and Adrijus both showed a high level of musicianship and craft in their pieces, and showed an understanding of musical structure and patterns that lead to highly effective music. Yuvika showed an incredibly high level of self-awareness in her compositional process, and was able to talk about the difficulties in getting what was in her head into the music eloquently. Jaunte and Aaron both went the extra mile and created extended pieces of music.

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