Are you proud enough?

How can the forgotten history of yesterday be useful today?

Project overview:


Students have journeyed through a forgotten history of the LGBTQ+ movement, making known for tomorrow what was forgotten yesterday. They have created powerful character monologues/ duologues as if they were part of that history.

We have worked closely with people from The GLF and the Museum of London to support these.

Kourtney Hansen

What The Teachers say!


“I have been really moved by how thoughtful the students have been throughout this project. They have been able to look at things that happened long before their time and try to assess the impact that may still have in 2020. It has been a pleasure to have those conversations”

Above and Beyond?

Students have showcased their learning around the censorship of homosexual relationships, the creation of The Gay Liberation Front and Section 28 through Worksheets.

Students have also created character monologues/duologues that place them in a GLF Meeting and a monologue that deals with Section 28, and the impact this has had on students and Queer teachers.

What the students say: 

“I had no idea that Section 28 ever existed! It’s been so interesting to talk to Geoff and Andrew and work out how far we’ve come”

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