The Science of Happiness

What can science teach us about how to be happier?

Project overview:


Chocolate. Video games. Instagram. Netflix. We have all turned to these things to overcome lockdown boredom and frustration. But do they really make us happy?


In this elective, we took on the role of social scientist and counsellor, looking for  ways to help people in the School 21 community who are struggling with their well being. We explored what the scientific research says about attributes like gratitude, kindness, compassion and resilience, and undertook practical activities, like keeping a daily gratitude journal.


Each student has created a unique podcast episode where they have given their advice on how to beat the coronavirus blues. 

Holly Rigby

What The Teachers say!

holly rigby.PNG

I was blown away by the maturity with which the group approached the challenging topic of young people’s well-being and mental health. The students were open about their own challenges, and committed to helping other people too. The podcasts have some brilliant practical activities people can do and I hope lots of people tune-in to listen!

Above and Beyond?

The group worked wonderfully together and was so supportive and encouraging when talking about sensitive topics. Particular shine to Emily whose e-portfolio shows show really thoughtful reflections and open sharing of the things that are important to her. Emily wants to be a therapist in the future and her commitment to this elective and openness means I think she will be absolutely brilliant!

What the students say: 

“Money lets you ‘rent’ happiness. But the relationships in your life give you happiness for the long-term. I had never thought about how much I appreciated my brother until doing one of the practises, and when I told him about what I’d done it was even more powerful. This elective has definitely changed what I think about what is important to me.”


“This elective would be so good for anyone who was struggling with their mental health - and that’s probably everyone doing lockdown! It’s really helped me feel more calm.”

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