Write your own thriller!

How can we craft stories that shock and scare the reader?

Project overview:

In this elective, students immersed themselves in the world of thriller writing. Each student has spent 6 weeks crafting their own thriller, from mapping plot and working out character back stories, to crafting their written voice. 

Throughout six weeks, students read and watched a range of thriller extracts to understand the form. We explored ways to build tension and fear across a short text, creating unpredictable plot twists and using foreshadowing to drop hints. 

The final short stories are being published in a collection produced by the elective group and will be sold when we get back to the real world!

Jess Hughes

What The Teachers say!


This project aims to bring them to life in a series “This elective has been a real ‘collective’ of writers, with weekly workshop sessions and students using their learning from these sessions to craft and redraft their own stories. I really enjoyed our weekly workshops and seeing students making their own authorial decisions about their own work based on them” of practicals and to look in to their history with some grounding texts.

Above and Beyond

There were incredible examples of ‘above and beyond’ work on this elective, from some beautifully crafted writing, to students tackling some really challenging writing approaches, such as having multiple narrators, lengthy stories with clever time shifts and even two students working on making their stories interconnected! 


Have a look in some eportfolios:

What the students say: 

“I honestly loved this elective from the beginning to the end and the creative license we received was extremely refreshing and I really appreciated how we were taught techniques and we could use them however we wanted. When I was writing there were no limits and it made the whole experience a lot more enjoyable. We were more guided then pushed to use them and it was a very engaging experience. In my opinion the product was very clear so we all knew what we were working towards and this made us feel more inclined to do more extra work because our goals were really clear and we all knew what we wanted to achieve.” Zak

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