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How can I prove a pattern that I can see?

Project overview:

In this elective, students have been exploring how to identify mathematical patterns and prove them using algebra. The module culminated in students producing a maths report which detailed the investigation they explored.


Over six weeks, students drafted and redrafted their maths report around a pattern with the laws of indices:

22 x 52 = 102

33 x 43 = 123


Can you explain why?

Robert Dale

What The Teachers say!

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“I am so incredibly proud of the work that the students of this elective have achieved. Not only did they develop a deep understanding of mathematical patterns and how this relates to algebra, but they volunteered openness by requesting feedback on their writing from their peers.”

Above and Beyond 

The following pieces highlight the students’ ability to think deeply about mathematics, as well as being able to explain this with clarity of thought:


Have a look in some eportfolios:

What the students say: 

“I would recommend this elective because at the beginning I told my mum “Mum no I can’t do this elective I’ll hate it” and it came to my understanding that doing stuff you don't like and getting out of your comfort zone. It's pretty amazing. You do things with your mind that you didn't even think you could do.” - Mohammad S

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