Power of Print 

How did the printed word develop from handwriting to modern day printing and what impact did this have on society?

Project overview:


Students explored how printing revolutionised the way that people could communicate, changing people’s lives irreversibly. Each week students  learnt about a moment in the history of printing and then took on a hands-on craft or art activity. Students  produced a final piece of artwork using the skills they  learnt during the project.

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Above and Beyond?

Oliwia was a star in this elective. She created beautiful work, engaged with the historical aspect of the course, and wrote consistent and thoughtful reflections every week. Her final piece (right) shows the use of a variety of printing techniques to reflect a very real aspect of life at the moment; a Zoom call. Within each thumbnail you can see stunning images that show Olivia's experience of life in lockdown. Great work!