How will people of the future know the 2012 Olympics happened?


Project Overview

This was a sport and history project that allowed us to learn about and compare the ancient Greek Olympics to the London 2012 Olympics. We also followed an enrichment programme allowing the children to try a new sport every fortnight. The final product is in two parts: a greek pot to show the ancient Olympics and a lap book detailing our knowledge on the 2012 Olympics.

What the student says

“ I think it was really good because I liked the theme. I liked all the trips, they were fun!” - Bryn

“I enjoyed the trip to the Olympic park”- Antoni

“I learnt all about the different sports in both Olympics and we learnt some new skills too!”- Ethan

What we learnt about

​In this project the children researched both the ancient and 2012 Olympics. They learnt through immersion such as the Greek Olympic feast and trips to the local area.

What the teacher says

“I loved this project. It was great to see how much the children learnt about each Olympics, which was clear when they were asked to compare the two. The enrichment part was also fantastic as it allowed our children to develop their skills. This also ensured motivation was kept high throughout.”