We are not throwing away our shot!

Y7 students have been exploring the seminal Musical ‘Hamilton’ They have been developing their creativity by composing original lyrics to the music of ‘My Shot’ Their ensemble and mastery skills have been developing through learning the band accompaniment to the music on their band project instrument if part of the scholarship scheme, or the keyboard. The students have brought together an original interpretation of the work, combining their composed raps, vocal sections in both unison and harmony, and accompaniment learning, and their work is shared here and as part of the middle school Festival of Light concert. The band project scholars have a particular focus on the professional score of ‘My Shot’, which they are learning on their instruments as part of the wider Y7 project for this term. Through this they have been developing complex ensemble skills, improving their notation reading mastery and getting to a state of ‘flow’ within their newly formed scholarship ensemble.

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