State of Mind

How can we build a toolkit of approaches to support our emotional health?

Project overview:

This elective was run by Bea from States of Mind, an  organisation led by young people and psychologists who give mental health a new meaning through education and social action.

In this elective, students were exploring different ways to manage wellbeing and emotional health. They chose one method to personally test and wrote a toolkit to help others use this method in their day to day life. Students took part in discussions and explorations of a range of wellbeing tools and considered the impact and benefits of each before developing their own case study showing their personal progress and insights from using a particular resource. Some chose journalling, others guided meditation, art, exercise and each student created a final one page toolkit to help others develop their ability to practice it in their life.

Above and Beyond?

We saw some fantastic above and beyond work from students within sessions with their honest and thoughtful reflection on their own emotional wellbeing during this challenging time, and the impact of some of these tools on this. 

Have a look through the toolkits and try out the students’ guides for using their tools!

What the students say: 

“This has helped me relax, realise, think and many more things” Adrijus, Y9

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