Ancient Greek and Roman myths retold

How and why are ancient myths still relevant to modern audiences?

Project overview:


In this project  students were learning more about the origin of myths and studying the central myths of ancient Greece and Rome. They were considering how and why myths still shape our cultures and ideas and how different societies engage with myths. They  looked at how myths are retold from a modern perspective and used these as inspiration to create their  own retelling of a myth. 

Eleanor Maddocks

What The Teachers say!

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‘I loved working with students who had such an interest and brought their own knowledge to the project. The creativity and inquisitiveness of the students was amazing!’

Above and Beyond?

I was especially impressed with the care and effort that some students put into their final retellings; it was clear some had really loved certain myths we had looked at and felt passionate about recreating the myth in a new and fresh way. 

What the students say: 

The elective was the best elective I chose because it was so much fun and I to learn about the myths I might have never read. I would not change anything about this elective.

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