Learning Spaces

Great facilities to enhance learning

State of the art facilities

School 21 has fantastic facilities that include:

  • large primary classrooms

  • courtyards for team teaching, PE, creative arts

  • library and project area

  • a perfomance hall

  • 5 science labs including a double research lab

  • music, drama and dance studios

  • a brand new sports hall, field and play area

  • decking and outdoor primary space

Spaces that enhance learning


We are using learning spaces creatively to enhance the impact on students - with team teaching project work, collaboration among staff and areas to showcase beautiful work.

Student involvement in the design

Students designed a learning space within the building as part of an ambitious cross-curricular design competition in 2013.

After developing a coherent philosophy of learning in small groups and studying different educational institutions and theories from around the world, students drew up designs and built several models of their dream classroom which they used to present their plan to our firm of architects, A-Studio. A-Studio picked a winning design to incorporate into the final new-build.