Mastery Teaching

Practice makes perfect

Mastery Learning is the ability to work hard and practice in order to get better.

Deliberate, sustained practice is the most effective path to mastery. It is a process of targeted work performed by a student in order to master an area of subject knowledge, a methodology or a skill. The work done in the practice is targeted directly at a student’s weaker areas and requires the student to dedicate themselves to what may be a significant amount of time executing this practice in a high quality, focused manner.

We believe that it is important to instil an understanding in the student that they can achieve significant improvement in any area using this method.

We have built in time during the school day for regular deliberate practice sessions where students try to pursue personal goals that they need to master: grammar, a skill, an instrument, a language.

Mastery teaching organises content into small units of learning which can be intensely studied over a period of roughly two weeks. Students are assessed after studying a unit and only progress onto the next one if they achieve a pass-mark of over 80%. It is effective in combination with group learning and peer tuition.