Rebuildling Ensemble: Pastime Paradise

The Y8 band project scholars have been taking on more demanding technical playing through the set-work ‘Pastime Paradise’ arranged for the scholarship ensemble With a focus on independent practice, and a professional rehearsal approach, the scholars have been building mastery and ensemble in an even more complex way, leading their own rehearsals, playing individual parts and reading more challenging notes and rhythms. Their work is featured in the Festival of Light concerts and individually shared here.

Y8 Pastime Paradise.png
Additional Specialist Scholarship Course:

Music Production 1- Students have explored PUSH devices & other industry standard software, learnt to create and manipulate samples, and have access to industry professionals to compose original digital music- this work has been incorporated as atmosphere music in the Big Six Virtual Escape Rooms project

Escape Room Soundtracks

Songwriting Course:

Students have been digging into songwriting and some of its different aspects including music theory knowledge and lyric writing techniques. The product of this project exhibits some experimentations and final products of the group.

Chord/Lyric Sheets and Recordings

Lyric Writing Experiments

Music Theory & Chord Creation