"I do multiple drafts of my work until it is beautiful"

Multiple drafts

School work can easily become bitty, disconnected and unvalued; something that is completed, handed in, receives a mark – and then is forgotten about. We think that if you want to produce really good work, you have to return to that first draft, look at it again and consider how to make it better. You have to go through many, many drafts of the same piece of work. This takes dedication, time and stamina.

Critiquing and feedback

Students learn to make constructive criticism of each other’s work and receive high-quality feedback from teachers on everything they produce. They put this into practice as they draft, critique and draft again.

Responding constructively to criticism is a valuable skill in itself but, when applied to school work, it has amazing potential. We’ve seen some incredible, exponential improvements in single pieces of work as students respond to what others say.

Critiquing others’ work makes students better at analysing what makes their own work successful.

No work is ever really finished and the purpose of a task isn’t simply to be given a mark. Students learn to produce the best work they can and the reward comes from achieving excellence.


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