Design Principles

We believe that school should be a true balance of head (academics) heart (character and well-being) and hand (generating ideas, problem solving and making). 

At School 21, we offer:

  • small class sizes

  • one-to-one coaching and personal support for every child

  • academic focus with extra lessons in English and Maths to secure the basics

  • a unique speaking curriculum to develop the oral skills of every child

  • a focus on well-being, grit and emotional resilience so that children can cope
    with whatever is thrown at them

  • real-world learning with hands-on projects where students have the chance to create beautiful work and exhibit it to the public

  • extraordinary teachers who are skilled at their job, collaborate in new ways and go the extra mile for each child

These are the pieces of the jigsaw that make up School 21. At the centre is a belief in the growth and well-being of every child. Each piece of the jigsaw is an area of deep research and reflection for members of staff and pupils.