What Does E15 Taste Like?


Project Overview

In this project, students were tasked with creating a recipe book to represent our local area, E15.  This recipe book was to be about local people, for local people and should represent the culinary makeup of Stratford.  Students worked in pairs to interview residents and capture their family recipes and their stories behind them. This Maths/English project saw students develop their ratio and scale skills alongside their writing to instruct and describe.  Along the way, students built their oracy through a series of interviews, where they took notes and probed local residents to collect recipes and back stories. Students will be presenting three live cookery demos to exhibit recipes from the book, Cook E15.

What the student says

"My favourite part of this project was interviewing the elderly people. It was scary but I felt confident afterwards and we got some good recipes from them."

Abdi, Year 8

Key knowledge and skills

  • Ratio

  • Scale

  • Cost

  • Connectives

  • Interviewing and note-taking

  • Descriptive writing

What the teacher says

"This project has had an interesting real world direction which has seen the students looking outward into their community.  The challenging note-taking from residents’ stories proved a tricky part of the project but brought about clear development in listening skills amongst the students, one of the aims of the project.  The students are really proud of their professional product, which reflects continued improvements in their writing."