Adopt a Grandparent

How can we use our words to reach out to others who are most in need?

Project overview:


In this intergenerational project, students have been holding conversations with elderly people in care homes in Surrey as part of CHD Living’s ‘Adopt  a Grandparent’ programme. This programme pairs people with residents in the homes for sharing letters and conversations to build relationships and combat loneliness.

Students have been honing their conversational skills, building empathy and using humour to develop relationships and put people at ease.  They’ve also held virtual conversations with older people within our own School21 community and even made it onto BBC and ITV London news as a result of their work!

Rachael Futo

What The Teachers say!

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“This group of students have really embodied the values of humanity and community by building relationships with the older generation; never more important than at this time!”

Above and Beyond?

We saw some amazing conversations and relationships develop between students and their elderley buddies during this elective, with students really developing their ability to ask follow up questions and use their voice and humour to make the ‘grandparents’ feel at ease. 

Have a look at some eportfolios for some of the best work!

What the students say: 

“I chose to adopt a grandparent because there are many of them who probably don’t have many companions to talk to. I feel like there’s a wide gap between my generation and the elderly generation, so being able to close the generation gap is something I find rewarding. In addition to this I find it interesting hearing stories about the past and how life as a teenager was different during their time and my time.”

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