Power and Borders in Asia

How are borders are created, maintained and influence societies across Asia?

Project overview:


In this elective, students have been conducting research into a border region in Asia. They have watched mini-documentaries from Vox Borders and read academic papers supplied by researchers at SOAS. Students kept a weekly research log and then used this to write an essay about one of the following topics: the impact of the British Empire on Hong Kong and India and Pakistan, North Korean influence in Japan, Chinese and Indian influence in Nepal or the impacts of a war between Sri Lankan and Indian fishermen.

Louise Holyoak

What The Teachers say!

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I was very impressed to see how well the students engaged with difficult material independently.  It was a delight to see the students assess their own work to ensure it was academically rigorous and re-draft their work accordingly.

Above and Beyond?

Yusuf and Ahmed have gone above and beyond in this elective by conducting extra research and going beyond the minimum six research sources needed. Zak had noticed that there had been renewed tensions between China and India reported in the news, so he gave a verbal explanation to the class. This was an ambitious project in a limited time and it was excellent to see how some students were able to learn academic referencing and evidence this in the very first draft of their essays.

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