Introduction to Politics, Philosophy and Economics

What are the ideologies which shape our lives and what is politics?

Project overview:


This is a ‘head and heart’ project. Students have been enaged in deep thinking and discussion about important issues in politics. Reading, Hobbes, Locke, Burke and Marx we have explore the basis of Western political ideas. We all wrote a reflective essay and took part in a discussion with university students.

Joe Pardoe

What The Teachers say!

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I have LOVED this project. A group of students who are all interested and engaged having weekly high level discussion about politics - what is not to love?!:  

Above and Beyond?

I was enormously impressed by the way students debated these sensitive issues - they did it with eloquence and maturity. I was also impressed by the pre-reading work students completed. I set the bar very high (A Level difficulty) and students rose to the challenge.!


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