The new flamenco of Rosalía

How did Rosalía reinvent Flamenco music?

Project overview:

In this elective, students have been analysing the songs of the Spanish singer Rosalía in order to understand the main themes of her album El mal querer. They have discussed issues around relationships, violence and women empowerment and were able to share their analysis. Students produced videos and texts based on their findings and worked as teams to write, illustrate and design their report using journalism techniques. These will be shown during the virtual Summer exhibition. 

Faris Sanhaji

What The Teachers say!

Above and Beyond

Students have shown openness during this elective but mostly maturity. They proved they were able to talk about ‘adult issues’ of love, relationships and domestic violence showing great responsibility. Most students analysed deeply the meaning behind the lyrics and music of the album and managed to successfully create beautiful videos!


Have a look at Zak's Analysis!

What the students say: 

This has been an interesting challenge for me to lead since I also learnt a lot on Rosalía, flamenco and how deep could be the students’ understanding. I will always remember the virtual discussions on the album’s themes and I feel very proud to see that many students have the potential to become excellent journalists.”

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