"practice makes perfect"

Mastering the basics for success in the 21st century

We spend longer than most other schools on reading, writing and maths because these are essential building-blocks that must be mastered. We are preparing students for the 21st century by teaching STEM subjects, creative art and design, as well as digital skills. With our English language specialism, we want every student to become a fluent writer, an avid reader and an eloquent speaker.


We encourage our students to become T- Thinkers. That means breadth as well as depth of knowledge.

Students will have a little knowledge about a lot of different subjects areas so they can make connections. But they will also become very knowledgeable and, over time, an expert in a few subject disciplines.

Expertise Ignite and EPQ

Students choose topics of subject knowledge they want to study in greater depth. Every student in year 8 or year 9 crafts a substantial essay on a personal area of knowledge which is then critiqued by undergraduates at Cambridge University. They then turn this essay into a compelling speech, similar to a TED talk. Students also have the chance to do the extended project qualification.

The Six Attributes