Our governing body is a highly skilled, experienced group of people – including parents and representatives from the local community - with a wide range of expertise from education to law, to communications, to business.

Core functions of the governing body:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction

  • Holding executive leaders to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff

  • Overseeing the financial performance of the organisation and making sure its money is well spent


Key tasks:


  • Promote pupil attainment in all areas of the curriculum

  • Promote improvements in pupil attainment

  • Improve assessed pupil progress in English and maths

  • Make effective use of pupil premium funding to close the attainment gap

  • Meet the needs of pupils with special educational needs (SEN)

  • Promote the highest possible standards of pupil behaviour

  • Ensure the provision of appropriate sex education

  • Ensure the provision of extra-curricular activities


  • Ensure that all necessary child protection procedures are in place

  • Oversee pupil admission arrangements

  • Oversee the implementation of a home-school agreement

  • Oversee vigorous and effective teacher appraisal

  • Ensure that all necessary child protection procedures are in place


  • Ensure pay arrangements for all staff are cost effective and fair

  • Provide the best possible staff, at all levels, throughout the school

  • Conduct the headteacher’s performance management review


  • Guarantee that all aspects of the school’s finances are properly managed

  • Guarantee that all relevant health and safety procedures are implemented

  • Provide and maintain the highest possible quality of buildings and facilities

  • Oversee the implementation of fair and effective complaints and grievance procedures

Governing body

John King (Chair of Governors, Safeguarding governor)

Peter Hyman (Co-Founder/Headteacher)

Ed Fidoe (Co-Founder/Trustee)

Oli de Botton (Co-Founder/Trustee)

Cllr Terry Paul (Governor)

Victoria O’Byrne (Governor)

David Albury (Trustee)

Penny Patel-Rao (Secondary Parent Governor)

Husna Haque (Governor)

Diane Rochford (Governor)

Andrew Mullinger (Governor)

Luke Alexander (Governor)

Finance committee

Terry Paul (Chair)

John King

Ed Fidoe

Oli de Botton

Jenny Ansell 

Penny Patel-Rao

Husna Haque

Andrew Mullinger

Student progress committee

Luke Alexander (Chair)

Ed Fidoe 

John King

Oli de Botton

David Albury

Andrew Mullinger

Diane Rochford

School 21, Pitchford Street, London, E15 4RZ      T:  020 8262 2121     E:

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