What is at the heart of the Central Line?


Project Overview

Our two subject focuses this term has been ‘Our World (our local area)’ and ‘coding’. Year 2 has taken these two focuses and put elements of both into their final product. They used Scratch Jr to make algorithms to simulate a tube moving along the Central Line and we visited different stops along the Central Line and wrote persuasive texts about each stop. The children have taken those texts and created their own persuasive videos using green screen and the photos and videos taken at each stop.     

The children were involved in every aspect of the development of the project from the creation of the Scratch Jr algorithm to the writing and performance of their green screen videos.

What the student says

“I really enjoyed visiting the Museum of Childhood as this gave me lots of ideas for our persuasive writing. I also enjoyed using lots of expression and adjectives for our green screen video"

What skills were developed?

​Though this project the three main areas we have focused on are programming, persuasive writing and oracy presentation. By the end of the project most children were able to independently create an algorithm and critique their work to make improvements. In their persuasive writing the children used rhetorical questions and persuasive phrases to persuade the reader and the children developed their oracy presentation by working on using their voices, gestures and facial expressions in a varied and confident way.

What the teacher says

“Pupils really enjoyed exploring coding using a variety of different apps and worked really well in pairs to produce a fantastic final product. It was also great to see how confident the children were in presenting their persuasive sentences on green screen and how inquisitive they were when we explored the different stops on the Central Line.”