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Project Overview

In this project, students were commissioned to design a birdhouse for either a house sparrow, common starling or swift. They had to develop their design based on the preferences of the birds gathered from their scientific research.


The birdhouse house needs to be:

●designed to meet the habitat requirements of the particular bird

●built predominantly out of wood

●decorated with a ceramic roof 

What the student says

"I have never been so close to a cow’s eye before!"

Cole Mpengo

"I love music, but to know the science is very interesting."

Rojersia Fernandes

Key Art & Design Skills

  • Knowledge of the design process: responding to a brief, researching, developing specification, designing, making and presenting a product.

  • Illustration skills: isometric, elevation and net diagram drawings

  • Carpentry skills: measuring, marking, cutting straight/curved and finger joints, refining, assembling and finishing (MrMCRAF)

  • Ceramic skills: slab rolling, cutting and surface design decoration

Key Scientific Knowledge

  • Classification; Students learnt how to classify species via their various different characteristics.

  • Habitats: Studying the factors affecting the environments where species live and how we can make the best possible birdhouse for the chosen bird based on their behavioural and structural adaptation.