How do you write a number one hit?


Project Overview

Year 7 students have been learning how to structure an effective pop song and write well-crafted lyrics with form, rhythm and flow. They have learnt key structural terms and a range of music vocabulary linked to the creative process in which they have been working. They have also gained knowledge about the song writing industry, including the way music is sampled, produced, recorded and edited.

How was it assessed?

The students went through a number of drafts to reach their final product, each met with a form of critique to inform improvements to not only the outcome, but ways in which the students were working. Students and teachers critiqued each other's work with the assistance of specific criteria at specific points during the project. 

What skills were developed?

Students have been working with professional music software (LogicProX) and developing skills, which enable them to navigate and exploit the tools available in the programme. They've also developed skills in listening, collaboration, editing and crafting, which have enabled them to create some brilliant original songs. They have been responsible for writing their lyrics, the backing track, recording their song, and designing their album cover.

What the teacher says

“This project has been a great way to unleash and observe the creative ideas young people can have. Students have formed some great writing partnerships and used the knowledge gained in the project to craft prospective number 1 hits.”