How can we fuse different cultures?


Project Overview

Children became experts in their chosen country; Ghana, Japan or Mexico. They researched different elements of the country including climate, religion, celebrations and food. Through this they experimented with British and their country of choice traditional dishes to make a fusion recipe that represents their learning.

How was it assessed?

Children were assessed through observations of their kitchen skills and safety, a recipe they wrote and produced and through and end of unit knowledge test.

What the student says

“I have loved learning about my country and it has been great working with my friends in other classes. Being in the kitchen was really fun and the food was delicious. I have even been cooking them at home!"

What skills were developed?

​Whilst in the kitchen, children learnt basic kitchen safety and food preparation skills. In writing their recipes, children learnt the fundamental skills of chronological order, imperative verbs and writing for a purpose. Their research skill were developed by using QR codes and in their final product children developed their ICT use of powerpoint to produce a double sided recipe card.

What the teacher says

“As children were able to chose their country, they have been incredibly motivated throughout this project, even taking on their own research at home. Children really developed their team work skills when working in the kitchen and it was amazing to see their maturity develop.”