We believe the purpose of Humanities is to prepare students to be able to play an active role in the world.

In order to change the world, they have to understand it.  However, we also believe that students are capable of excellence today - we can, through an innovative curriculum, improve the community right now!

We do this through a mix of subject specialist knowledge development, cross-curricular projects in Y9 and an immersive university style experience at Y11.  Our projects always aim to make an authentic difference to the world.  Some recent examples include:


  • Y7 publishing a book of historically significant objects which is currently in the Museum of London shop.

  • Y8 using the suffrage movement to persuade people in Newham to vote in elections. Please watch the video below.

  • Y9 put on a Cold War themed drama performance at Stratford Theatre Royal. Click here for more information.

  • Y10 filmed a documentary about the history of the local area which was shown at Vue Westfield.

  • Y8 are looking at the issues surrounding immigration and telling the story of a local immigrant.


The Humanities department aims to be high challenge, high autonomy and high support - for both students and teachers.  We believe that teacher passion should be a driving force behind the curriculum - but regular critique and ‘tuning’ of projects takes place in team meetings to ensure planning is to a high standard and ideas are shared.  For students, we expect a lot in the projects we plan and we hold them to account - but, small class sizes and a supportive school environment mean that strong relationships can be formed.

We believe that this approach not only ensures teachers have the freedom and autonomy to teach how they wish, but also provides students with the skills and knowledge they need for the future - for exams yes, but also to adapt to the world around them and make positive contributions to their community both now and in the future.