If I lived in the Victorian times, who would I be?


Project Overview

For this project, Year 1 have been learning all about life in the Victorian times with a specific focus on children. They have become key researchers, discovering a range of information and facts about children's school and work life. To display their knowledge, the children have skilled up on their acting, written scripts and worked hard to create a video showing the full process from their very first drafts, to activities critiquing their work, and finally their fantastic end product.

Through this project, a strong oracy focus was evident. Pupils developed an extensive knowledge base about the Victorian era and learnt how to present this knowledge through key acting and oracy opportunities. They enhanced their skills in critiquing their own and other’s work, giving feedback on vocal and facial expression as well as gesticulation.

What the students say

“I really enjoyed learning about Oliver Twist. I liked filming too, it was great fun.”

“I learnt so much about the Victorians, I’ve even taught my mum all about the Victorians at home. I taught her some new words that she didn’t know.”

“I learnt lots about Victorian jobs. I practised my lines at home and learnt them off by heart.”

What the teacher says

“It has been amazing to see how children of only 5 and 6 years are able to retain and recall so much knowledge. This project has been an incredible journey in which the children have truly developed their understanding of the Victorian era and how to deliver their knowledge to a wider audience”