How can we use our language to change what people eat?


Project Overview

Students have spent the term learning about different non-fiction texts related to food and eating. This has included food and restaurant reviews, nutritional information, the persuasive language of a business pitch, and the language of promotional materials. 

How was is assessed?

Students have been assessed throughout this process. The first assessment point was their restaurant reviews. These were assessed by each other and their teacher before being edited and redrafted, and then posted on the Tripadvisor website. 

Their persuasive pitches have gone through multiple critique sessions in the lead up to exhibition, and are being assessed on the night.

What the student says

“I learned how to advertise things and bring out good facts and information in things that people don't really think too much about or think is appetising. I learned to use language to bring attention and change people's mind. I have enjoyed working with my group and learning facts about my product, as well as speaking in front of a audience as one of my aims at School 21 is to improve my confidence."

What skills were developed?

  • Providing specific details when describing to an audience

  • Using technical language to show knowledge and expertise. E.g. the language of food & cookery

  • Using rhetorical and imaginative techniques to persuade and entertain

  • Judging when to be formal / informal

  • The language of critique

  • Writing that is technically accurate (spelling, grammar, punctuation)

What the teacher says

“The students have really risen to the challenge of selling their products in persuasive and imaginative ways. They have developed expertise as writers, and their critique of one another has been increasingly specific and professional.”