The Makerspace is an area within the centre of the school made up of a number of workshop studios. At the centre of the Makerspace is 'The Quad', a rectangular space which serves as a flexible, multi-disciplinary area. The adjoining studios have been equipped to meet the demands of different creative disciplines including 3D Design, Digital Media & Photography, Design Manufacturing and Fine Art. Please browse this page for full overview of current facilities.

We are constantly expanding our facilities as we develop our curriculum choosing to adopt a more agile way of working building up resources as and when we develop projects. We believe in adopting an interdisciplinary approach within projects, recognising that artists, designers and craft workers frequently work with a broad range of media and processes. It is not unusual to have students experiment across disciplines within a project.

We are also interested in encouraging other subject disciplines to become involved in use of the Makerspace to foster a culture of making and collaboration. There are opportunities for this to take place during a special timetabled periods in the week known as 'Curriculum 21'.

Digital Media Studio

Computer Suite

We have a studio dedicated to digital media with a suite of 24 iMacs and three high capacity PCs for film editing. We work with standard industry software including the Adobe Creative Suite package ranging from Photoshop to Illustrator and After Effects.

Unsurprisingly, digital media has become increasingly popular with students and we have developed a specific Digital Media course in Year 9 for those students that wish to specialise in this area within the visual arts. The space is also used within our Curriculum 21 programme for students taking part in specific projects involving the use of technology such as robotics, film-making or photography.

​At GCSE and A-Level , we encourage students to use digital media as a way of recording, creating, documenting and sharing ideas. All students have an e-portfolio in our exam years and we encourage students to share work via Google Photo albums within our learning community.

We also try to bring in experts in the field of design technology to share latest development such as virtual reality drawing used by architects to help visualise spaces for clients. 

Photographic Studio

At the back of the digital media studio, there is a photographic studio where you can take photos against green screen or different coloured backgrounds.


We have a selection of LED lightweight lights that allow you to capture atmospheric lighting from different angles. 

Digital Design & Manufacturing

We also have a laser cutter and engraver, vinyl cutter and 3D Printer, which is based in our Digital Media studio. We are constantly investing in our digital manufacturing facilities as we integrate new technologies into our curriculum.

3D Design / Sculpture Studio

On the upper level of the Makerspace, we have a studio dedicated to 3D Design and Sculpture where you can make prototype and products using resistant materials. We have a mixture of fixed machinery and hand-held tools to help students craft their work. This space is also used for pottery and sculpture so we have the ability to model, carve and cast. In a separate room, we have a kiln and storage area for ceramic work.

The Quad

At the centre of the Makerspace is a square (ish) space known as the 'Quad'. This has been set out as a multi-disciplinary making space so it can be flexibly moved around and serve several purposes. We have several large workshop tables for heavy duty work and stackable tables for quickly changing the layout. 

​In the past, we have had drama productions, musical recitals, drop-down days for primary pupils, speeches and exhibitions in the space. It is also used as a practical workshop day-to-day for Art & Design students and we often have exam groups sharing the space whilst working on coursework. We will continue to develop this space and are hoping to collaborate with PGCE and university students around how the space might become a site for exploration around the concept of a Makerspace. If you are interested in being part of a pilot programme, please get in touch.

A flexible teaching space for small and large groups

A site for planning

Interactive arts workshops

Workshops run by external partners

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