Year 8 Big Six:

How can we curate a digital escape?

In this project, small groups of Year 8 students worked collaboratively to design original virtual escape room experiences. With the onset of Covid-19, the entertainment industry has had to be creative with how to keep buisnesses going, but also adhere to safety restrictions. From this came the rise of virtual escape rooms. Over the project, the students played a number of rooms and reviewed and reflected on how these were structured. The groups researched different codes and ciphers, wrote their own storylines, then created their clues and pulled together the multi-media driven project into the final experiences. We hope you enjoy playing these and look forward to your feedback!

CSI Funfair Title.png

Year 6: 

Does Britain's past qualify it as 'Great'?

Over this project, children were tasked with the difficult task of creating their very own civilisation. In these 'table tribes', children carefully considered basic needs, health, law and order and education; hoping to make a successful settlement. They were then introduced to 'colonalism' and learnt about Britain's imperial past. Children were encouraged to interrogate and analyse Britains role across the globe, with particular focus on Britain's attitude to its Empire. They formed their own opinion on the issue of colonialism and came to understand the impact this foreign intervention had on cultures and communities all around the world.


Year 7 Science:
How can we fight the resistance?

Over the first half term in Year 7 Science, students investigated the cause and impact of antibiotic resistance. They learned all about how viral and bacterial infections occur, how microbes can both help and harm us and how natural selection causes antibiotic resistance. Students then applied their knowledge and wrote scripts to inform the public about this threat, and linked these to posters to create the final product.


Year 6 & 7 Art:
We Built this City

This term we have been exploring how artists have represented cityscapes. Students have created their own cityscape's through the use of collage and illustration. Students are currently completing their final project piece based on a surrealist collage artist called Eugenia Lolli. Students have carefully collaged their own surrealist cityscape, written their own imaginative narrative and finally turning their collage into a graphic illustration. Students have built vocabulary and should be able to confidently discuss how a cityscape is broken down into Foreground, Midground and Background and the different features of these areas in terms of tone, perspective and detail.


Year 5: Lego WeDo  

During Autumn Term 1, students developed their coding skills and then put them to good use programming their own robots using Lego Wedo kits. The half term culminated with a challenge day where the children's robots went up against one another to complete a series of timed challenges. Children kept a record of their progress and reflections (while honing their ICT skills) through creation of their own e-portfolios. You can see some of their wonderful work here!

The Year 5 projects are currently being finished off. Due to the 2 week isolating within the Year group, there will be a short delay in the Year 5 work being uploaded. Please check back soon! 


Middle School: 

Newham Listens:  What do we hear when we listen to our community?

Over the month of October the Middle School took part in a project we are naming ‘Newham Listens’ with the essential question What do we hear when we listen to our community?. Over the course of the project, each coaching group will be assigned a local person of note who represents Black Excellence, having found success in their chosen field. Some of the artists, authors and cultural figures we will focus on are subjects in an interview series - ‘Newham Talks’ - designed by the actor, rapper, songwriter and MC Kano, who is a local himself, growing up in East Ham. Click below to see the poster series abd listen to the spoken biographies. 


Middle School: Festival of Light 2020

Click here to watch the full Middle School concert in its entirety! 

Middle School Band Project.png

Year 5: Spooky Stories

Year 5 worked really hard this term to craft, draft and re-draft their very own spooky stories. You can read some of the amazing examples here... see if you can spot their techniques to build tension and suspense (short senteces; ellipsis; onomatopoeias; expanded noun phrases to create a vivid setting and show not tell to indicate how their characters are feeling)!


Year 7 Big Six: 

How can we bring light to those who need it?

This term the Year 7 Big Six students worked as philanthropists, working on their project with the essential question ‘How can we bring light to those who need it?’ Students first familiarised themselves with www.lanternprojects.org, an organisation which promotes small projects around the world which have a big impact on people’s lives. The students chose a cause to work for over the course of the project, researching the country and the possible impact their support could have. They then honed their mathematical skills, then applied these, creating physical lanterns from dowel and tissue paper. They organised events to help raise awareness and funds, culminating in a ‘Night Walk’ and a video link interview with Gail Uilkema, the woman who founded Lantern Projects.


Year 5:

What could a museum of the future look like?

During this half term, each year 5 class studied a different civilisation of the ancient world - using internet research, primary sources and artefacts to explore the key themes of the civilisations of Ancient Islam, the Ancient Maya and Benin. Children discovered how artefacts are central to our understanding of the past and went on to create their very own replica artefacts from these civilisations using a range of materials and undertaking the design and making processes independently. Finally, having researched the historical importance of their chosen artefact, students recorded a short summary of the artefact to inform visitors to our virtual museum.


Year 8 Art:
Clay Busts

We have studied caricatures to learn to draw and sculpt people that hold different power in society. We have used caricatures to exagerrate facial featuers and hairstyles in our drawings and sculptures. Students learnt different sculpting techniques to produce their chosen person / hairstyle in society. Students first learnt how to manipulate clay into simple forms, slowly making them into facial features that are more difficult and realistic. These sculptures are almost finished, we will spend only one more lesson or two to get them ready to be fired in the kiln!

Y8 Mont Blanc Busts.png

Year 8 Music: 

What does East London Sound Like?

Students have created podcasts that focus on one genre that is prominent within the soundscape of East London. Working as either a project manager, a music supervisor, a sound technician or a head researcher, they have collaborated across this term to create a high quality podcast that will be performed live in front of their class. They have also designed a logo for their podcast, alongside a composition in the style of the genre they are researching. Their methods of collecting information have consisted of internet research, musical analysis and finding interviews of artists of a specific genre.

e15 sound.jpg

Year 6:

Band Project - Building Ensemble

A Celebration of Film in Music

The students have entered the next phase of mastery development on their instruments through weekly small group instrumental lessons with a specialist teacher. The next phase of their ensemble journey takes them on an immersive exploration of Film Music. Within their class ensemble of a Big Band, Wind Band or String Orchestra they have listened to a range of music from different films and explore how composers create different moods and atmospheres. They will have learnt to perform a famous piece of film music, and created accompanying footage to be shared with the community at the Festival of Light concert at the end of term. You can view it on the link below, from 20.00-32.00 on the footage.

Middle School Band Project.png

Year 6:

What are the patterns of the world?

Over the first half term, children researched the significance of patterns, to cultures all across the world. They used mapping skills to hone their understanding of the continents of the world and further strengthened their understanding of particular countries.Children then researched a variety of world cultures; ranging from Native Americans to Aboriginal Australians and started to research important patterns in each culture. Taking inspiration from a wide range of cultures, children created their own patterns, which best represented their heritage and personality.

This project gave Year 6 students the change to skill up on creating and maintaining their own ePortfolios. Click the image below to visit some of their work. 

Image by George Pagan III

How can we tame time?

In this project, a group of students from Years 5 and 6 explored the concept of telling time through art therapy techniques. To help build an understanding of the maths skills needed, the group built clock faces using art materials and techniques, including PVA glue, brushes, acrylic paint, cartons, cotton, glitter. During this work, we repeated numbers and learned how to determine the time. Click below to browse more photographs. 


Welcome to the Autumn term Exhibition of Beautiful Work 

Below is a showcase of work produced by the Middle School students over the Autumn Term.

Please browse the different projects at your leisure.

We welcome your feedback and ask you to submit this through this form.

We hope you enjoy the Beautiful Work created by our students this term.