What is a Natural Disaster?


Project Overview

The natural disasters project undertaken by year two was a collaborative science and D&T project. The children spent half the term learning about three key natural disasters that occur on the ring of fire: volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis. They used geography skills and science skills to locate and explain how natural disasters occurred and their impacts.

The second half of the term was used designing and creating board games to teach others about natural disasters. The children explored the features of board games by playing and evaluating existing games and conducted surveys of secondary children and each other to find out consumer requests to plan and design their own games.

The children explained and played their games together in talk partners, trios and groups of four to give specific critique of ‘WWW’ (what went well), ‘EBI’ (even better if) and next steps. Through multiple redrafts the children created games that were able to teach others about natural disasters. To accompany the games, the children learnt about instruction writing in literacy and applied these skills during their project lessons. 


What the student says

“I liked this project because when we are doing natural disasters it helps us learn about the earth and what happens and how earthquakes happen. I liked using what I knew about natural disasters when making my game, you can have fun and you can learn new information! Critiquing is good because it made my board game even better – my game had too much information and I needed to add more challenges."

What we learnt about

  • To be able to collect and analyse data

  • To be able to understand and explain three key natural disasters

  • To be able to use scientific language to explain natural disasters

  • To design a game that teaches others about natural disasters 

What the teacher says

“This project has enabled the children to become confident writers and articulate storytellers. We have been very impressed with the the high quality stories which have created.”