The culture within the School 21 Physical Education experience is one of challenge and possibility.

Our driving philosophy is one of asking students to ‘See the challenge and know anything is possible’. We are passionate about creating learning journeys which ensure they are able to develop the attributes necessary to survive and thrive at a heart of a challenge.

Commit with endless grit

Be proud of professional performance

See challenge as an opportunity

Use oracy as a tool to support everyone

Anything is possible with growth mindset

The Physical Education journey at School 21 has purposeful planning built deep into its foundations. With the growth of our students at the heart of our pedagogy. We plan a 21st century flightpath of progression from their first steps during reception. Right up until their transition into life long passionate participation in physical activity beyond Six 21.

We view our Physical Education lessons as a fundamental starting point for creating beautiful performers. Linked into their journey are numerous additional challenge opportunities. These are challenging environments available to all students who desire more from themselves.

The P.E. Team - Mr Travis, Mr Brooks and Mr Kidd - Anything is possible through Challenge