What Can the Power of Wind Do?


Project Overview

This project was split into two parts; the first was exploring the power of the wind and the second was designing and making a kite. Children spent the first half term investigating who might use the wind and they made a range of products such as wind chimes and sails. For the second part, children investigated material, shape and size of kites to design, make, critique and redraft their own kite to fly in the park.

What the student says

"We learnt all about how wind is created in the secondary science labs… It was really fun!"

"We have loved making kites. I am really excited to fly my kite in the park"

What we learnt about

  • Hurricanes and the dangerous side of wind

  • How wind is used by artists.

  • How wind is used by sailors.

  • How wind is used by musicians.

  • How to make, draft and critique our own kite.

What the teacher says

"This project has been a great hands on project to start Year 1. The children were excited to find a hurricane had ripped through their classroom at the start of the term and enjoyed learning about how wind is created in the science labs. In the second half term, children have really become experts at what makes a great kite and are very excited to try them out in the park!”