Primary illness

If your child is ill and is unable to attend, please phone the school as soon as possible on 020 8262 2121

Illness During School Hours


If a child becomes ill or injured during the school day and is not well enough to stay in class, the parent/carer will be called to pick the child up. It is necessary to have updated emergency contact numbers on file in the School Office in case no one can be contacted at home. If the person picking up the child is not the parent/carer of the child, they must be:

a) given explicit written permission to pick up the child

b) know the password collected during the initial home visit

c) be 18 years or older.

If a child needs to take medicine at school, parents must have completed the necessary consent forms for administration of medicine in school - these can be found and submitted in the school office. In some cases, parents/carers may be asked to meet with Ms Pancho to discuss arrangements for the administration of medication. Medicine needs to be in its original packaging/case.

If there are any concerns about medicine, allergies and overall health, please let Ms Pancho know. Parents of students with asthma should bring an inhaler prescribed by their doctor to be kept in school in case of emergency. It is also compulsory to complete an Asthma plan. Asthmatic students should notify a member of staff if at any time breathing becomes difficult.

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