Parent Information

School Hours

The school day will start at 8:30am for all pupils and registration closes at 8:40am. After this point, children must be signed in at the main school office where they will be recorded as being late.

The school day ends at 3:00pm for all Primary pupils.


Parents of children in Reception are invited in for Parent Time between 8:30 am – 8:40 am. This will allow you to spend time in our Reception setting and assist in settling your child in before leaving them for the rest of the day. On Tuesdays, parents are invited to stay until 9:00 am in order to view their child’s work, their EYFS profile or even read a book with their child.


If your child is ill and is unable to attend, please phone the school as soon as possible.

Illness During School Hours

If a child becomes ill or injured during the school day and is not well enough to stay in class, the parent/carer will be called to pick the child up. It is necessary to have updated emergency contact numbers on file in the School Office in case no one can be contacted at home. If the person picking up the child is not the parent/carer of the child, they must be:

a) given explicit written permission to pick up the child

b) know the password collected during the initial home visit

c) be 18 years or older.

If a child needs to take medicine at school, parents must have completed the necessary consent forms for administration of medicine in school - these can be found and submitted in the school office. In some cases, parents/carers may be asked to meet with Ms Jones to discuss arrangements for the administration of medication. Medicine needs to be in its original packaging/case.

If there are any concerns about medicine, allergies and overall health, please let Ms Jones know. Parents of students with asthma should bring an inhaler prescribed by their doctor to be kept in school in case of emergency. It is also compulsory to complete an Asthma Registration Card. Asthmatic students should notify a member of staff if at any time breathing becomes difficult.


Children will need to wear school uniform every day. Please write your child’s name on all items of clothing as the school will not accept any responsibility for any items of lost clothing. Please make sure that your child wears sensible flat black shoes at all times.

As you know, the weather changes throughout the day, so we recommend that your child brings a coat to Reception every day. Outdoor activities are an important part of your child’s education – rain or shine! And therefore wellington boots are also recommended. These should be labelled with your child’s name and can be left in school during term time.

The School 21 uniform can be purchased from Fashion Stop, 138 High Street North, Upton Park, London, E6 2HT (telephone: 0208 552 3200).

Home - School Commitment

Parents and School 21

We want to build a partnership with parents that lasts from when children arrive in Reception to when they leave at 18.

We value the views, expertise and support of parents. Success at School 21 will come from how well we work with the children, parents and the community.

Home Visits

At School 21, we want to make the transition to our school as smooth as possible for your child. Therefore we feel that it is crucial that you and your child are given the opportunity to get to know your class teacher before starting at a pre-arranged home visit.

The home visits will give the teacher time to talk about procedures and answer any queries that you may have. Also to give you the opportunity to share information that you feel is important about your child. Your child’s class teacher will also collect the ‘All About Me’ booklet that was issued at the information evening.

Home School Folder and Reading Books

Your child will be given a home work book. This will include simple activities each week for you to do with your child at home. Children will be given the opportunity to choose and change their reading book regularly and this should be read every night. Homework will also be given and this will be explained at the Curriculum Parents’ Evening in the autumn term.

Parental Partnerships

One of the keys to the success of School 21 is the strong working relationship between parents, teachers and children. The key to this is constant communication. It is for this reason that we have an open door policy and recognise the need for regular communication between home and school.

All of our families are welcome to visit the school in addition to any telephone conversations that you may have with members of staff.

Our staff have regular parents’ evenings involving parents, children and teachers.

Get Involved

Below are a few ways in which you can get further involved in the school:

  • Chaperone and participate in our community service activities

  • Get involved in parent literacy activities with your child

  • Join in with our winter fairs, concerts and other annual events

  • Attend our celebration assemblies each term

  • Chaperone school trips

  • Patrol after school to ensure safety of all of our children

  • Attend parent meetings

  • Invite us to your homes for home visits

  • Join our PTA

  • Become a member of our Parent Council

  • Become a parent governor

Please feel free to suggest any other ideas that you might have.