Rich Experiences

School 21 as an all through school

The opportunity to work in partnership with Secondary colleagues and Secondary pupils is what stands School 21 apart from other local schools. The opportunity for pupils to work collaboratively across age groups through the use of mentoring programmes, reading volunteers, etc. is significant in ensuring that all pupils within our school community have a role and part to play in the development of this exciting new school. Where pupils of different ages are working together, they will be supervised by School 21 staff at all times.

The opportunity for Primary pupils to meet and be taught by Secondary teachers in specific subjects from an early age not only adds greater depth and breadth to the curriculum but also significantly contributes to positive transition into Secondary school in later years.

Educational Visits

At School 21, we believe that educational visits are an integral component of our curriculum – some of these visits may be in the immediate vicinity to the school, other may require travel on public transport. In our first term we visited the Discover Children’s Centre in Stratford on a trip to meet Santa’s Reindeer.

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Rich Experiences